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Faster, Cheaper & Greener

Lack of time and climate change seem to be the biggest concerns of many today. Suitebox directly addresses both - simply and easily.


At its bare minimum, SuiteBox is a cloud based video conferencing forum with the ability to review, collaborate on, and sign documents. And record the conference so that a record is kept of who said and did what.


Here’s 5 Reasons Why SuiteBox Makes Perfect Sense…

1. SuiteBox is Faster

If your business requires visual identification of people; and editing, reviewing and signing of contracts, you have probably discovered the time lags that seem to be inherent in the process.


For example, managing contracts requires passing changes backwards and forwards for approval, printing the final contracts, getting all parties to sign it, scanning and emailing the signed copies back or worse, posting them back by snail mail. Usually, this takes many times longer than doing the deal. But until this is done, the business relationship cannot kick off.


SuiteBox allows you to do this all online immediately, collaboratively, and with an effective transparent governance that comes from recording the interaction.

2. SuiteBox Is Cheaper

The standard business model for thousands of years has been a location based model. Usually, either the supplier or the customer has to travel to the other’s place of business e.g. to sign a contract.


As a rule, travel time is non-value adding time. Assuming that you can charge for the travel time, the end result is that one party has effectively paid for the non-value adding time. This means that the cost of the business interaction is higher than it otherwise would have been. 


SuiteBox removes non-value adding travel/postage time immediately. This means that you need only charge for the value added.

3. SuiteBox Is Greener

Motorised travel uses energy and releases greenhouse gases and pollution into the atmosphere.


SuiteBox removes the need for just about all client related travel. In fact, Suitebox could make travel to the office unnecessary.


4. SuiteBox Is More Efficient & Effective

Efficiency is doing more with less, while effectiveness is achieving better results. Many business interactions have travel and iteration time built into them.


This means that while the actual time for the interaction is 1 hour, the overall time for the interaction could be 3-6 hours. If something is forgotten during the actual interaction time, additional time is required to conduct another interaction to remedy that - often with the additional travel iteration time as well.


SuiteBox removes the travel time, and via collaboration, the need to iterate, publish and review. Often this leads to better results with the expenditure of far less time and energy.

Suitebox even integrates with your CRM - so you have all of your client records and interactions in one place.


5. SuiteBox Reduces Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost is the cost of not doing the next best alternative with a given set of resources.


So, if you could either be spending 2 hours driving to and from an office each day (so that your customers can also spend 2 hours driving to come to see you), or you could be spending extra time with your family, playing sport, or volunteering, the opportunity cost is what you have given up to be in the office.


SuiteBox allows you to spend more time doing what you really want to do, rather than what you have to do. This tends to make people happier and more fun to be around.


So What Are You Waiting For?

It's Time To Disrupt

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