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Business Intelligence - the way it is meant to be...

Download Qlik Sense 3.0 free from our Qlik partners ABM Systems

Want Scheduled PowerPoint, Excel, Word or PDF Reports?

Want To Deliver Insights To The World?

The Qlik Application Platform (QAP) allows you to release your beautiful, integrated, interactive insights as objects to your website ... at a fraction of the historical cost of other solutions.

This is a game changer.

Up until now, BI licensing has been prohibitive if you wanted reach a large user group. For example, if you are a smart direct sales organisation with thousands of distributors, but low central overheads, your only option in the past was to send out block emails each week with static data. Your team could not investigate it, drill into it, pivot it or see what other data impacted it without having to build their own models from scratch each week.

The worst part of this is that no 2 distributors would slice it the same. Many would end up creating their own versions of the truth - and the system integrity would start to fracture without a considerable effort to keep people on track.

The only other alternative was to have a software team building custom visualisations for your website. Standard cube-based programming practices mean that the visualisations would all be stand alone, with any insights limited to the data in the visualisation itself.

QAP changes all of this.

QAP allows you to create beautiful, integrated, robust visualisations with curated data (so everybody is talking the same language), and then place them where you want on your website. If you place 4 visualisations from the same app on your website, make a change in one, and you can automatically see the impact of that change in the others.

This allows your much wider team to derive their own insights on the basis of the things that interest them in the data.

Take QAP To The World

Good branding in today's information age focuses on being the accepted authority in your market niche. When people want information about a product or service, they often turn to the accepted authority for advice.


Imagine if you could take your data to the world in a way that allows people to interact and find their own insights. The reality is that they will tell their friends about it - by word of mouth and through social media, and you could very easily have a viral hit on your hands. 

Need Consulting To Deliver BI Outcomes In Days Not Years?

Delta Point Management's Qlik Team has delivered some pretty big projects on some pretty big accounts.

Working with household names in financial services, direct sales, food manufacturing, utilities, and not-for-profits, we have the experience to drive your Qlik / BI project to where you want it to be.

Recent Key Outcomes
  • Implemented the first Qlik Application Platform in Australia / New Zealand. 

  • Created plug-and-play Sales, Inventory Management, and Financial Management app templates across Sage X3, Accpac and SAP B1.

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